About us

We are the Al Jazera markets company, which includes a group of stores in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our main branch is in Musa Ibn Nusair Street, Sulaymaniyah district of Riyadh and our branches are spread in many neighborhoods to provide our services to a large variety of clients. We are happy to provide all your daily needs in one place, with the ability to order directly through our website or our application. Al Jazera markets’ aim is to always be near you.

The first Al Jazera market was opened in 1979 with a vision and scope that is different from the rest of the other markets at the time. And over the course of 43 years, we have taken many measures and regulations in order to reach the perfect shopping experience for all our customers in terms of convenience, variety of products, and competitive price with an emphasis on superior quality that satisfies everyone, we hope that Al Jazera markets will be your preferred shopping destination.

Inside Al Jazera markets, you will find everything you want to buy from the best carefully-selected meat, poultry, fish and Grocery food & nonfood products in addition to the rest of the kitchen and home supplies. Our markets are also characterized by freedom of movement and smooth transition from section to section inside the market without the trouble or inconvenience. Whenever you need any assistance, our staff will be glad to provide the necessary assistance and answer all your questions and inquiries at any time.

We always seek to create a unique and enjoyable shopping experience to make it easy for you to get all your demands from one place and with the highest quality, with us you will always want to come back for more.

Our main branch is in the Sulaymaniyah district, and there are also other branches opened in the districts of Al Ghadeer, Al Rabie, Al Yasmeen, Al Aqiq, and Al Mursalat and we are continue to expand to be closer for you.

Thank you for choosing Al Jazera Markets... We promise you much more.

Our Vision:

To be the ideal choice for shopping by combining a shopping environment and quality products at a competitive value while providing a safe and healthy shopping and work environment for customers and employees.

Our Mission:

Gaining consumer confidence in our products and services by providing effective human expertise, which is one of our most important pillars in development while keeping abreast of technological transformation, making us an enjoyable shopping destination more than a need.