Delivery Information

Delivery is for free.
Specific delivery time slots every day are allocated for each neighborhood on a first-come first-serve basis. This way you will be able to select the most convenient slot where you will be home to receive the order.
The delivery will only be carried out using our branded and refrigerated trucks. This will guarantee keeping your purchased produce as fresh as possible.
Your order will come in sealed boxes and will only be opened at your presence for you to inspect and take delivery of your ordered items.
Your items were picked and packed to match your original order. By sealing the boxes, we reduce the chance to temper with the contents during the trip and reduce the chance for mixing or errors in delivery.

For compounds that require special entry permits: It’s the customer’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits to enter these complexes for the driver and for the truck otherwise we will not be able to complete the delivery process.
In the cases where the customer lives in a multi-storey residential building, the presence of an elevator to deliver the order to the upper floors that exceed the ground floor is a must, to the contrary, or if the elevator is broken, we will apologize for the completion of the delivery process. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the customer to lift the order contents to the upper floors.

We currently deliver to the zones below, and we are expanding all the time:

  1. Al Hada, Laban, Al Rafiah
  2. Al Sharafiyyah and Al Fakhiriyah
  3. Al-Andalus
  4. Al-Aqiq & Al-Faysaliah & At Traif Al-Aljadid
  5. Al-Ared
  6. Al-Falah
  7. Al-Ghadir
  8. Al-Hamra
  9. Al-Izdihar
  10. Al-Jazeerah and Al-Rawabi and Al-Fayhaa
  11. Al-Khaleej
  12. Al-Khozama & Al-Diriyah
  13. Al-Maathar Al Shamali & An Nasiriyah
  14. Al-Malaz
  15. Al-Malek Abdullah
  16. Al-Malek Fahed
  17. Al-Malek Faisal
  18. Al-Malqa
  19. Al-Manar & Al Saada
  20. Al-Maseef
  21. Al-Mohammadiyah
  22. Al-Mugharrazat
  23. Al-Munisiyyah
  24. Al-Murooj
  25. Al-Mursalat
  26. Al-Mutamarat
  27. Al-Nada
  28. Al-Nafal
  29. Al-Nahda
  30. Al-Nakheel
  31. Al-Narjes
  32. Al-Naseem Al Gharbi
  33. Al-Naseem Al Sharqi
  34. Al-Nuzhah
  35. Al-Olayya
  36. Al-Qayrawan
  37. Al-Quds
  38. Al-Rabea
  39. Al-Rabwah
  40. Al-Raed & Umm Al-Hamam Al-Gharbi
  41. Al-Rahmaniyya
  42. Al-Rawda
  43. Al-Rayyan
  44. Al-Safarat
  45. Al-Sahafa
  46. Al-Salam
  47. Al-Shuhada
  48. Al-Sulaymaniyyah
  49. Al-Taawun
  50. Al-Wadi
  51. Al-Waha
  52. Al-Wurood
  53. Al-Yarmouk
  54. Al-Yasmeen
  55. Al-Zahra
  56. Ghirnatah
  57. Hittin & Al-Khaldiyah
  58. Irqah and Dhahrat Laban
  59. Ishbilyah
  60. Qurtubah
  61. Salahuddin
  62. Al-Shifa
  63. Namar
  64. Al-Marwah
  65. Al-Hazm
  66. Irqah & Al-Mahdiah

Picking & Packaging

  • For orders of value less than SAR 100, there will be a charge of SAR 10 for picking and packaging. This charge is also applicapble on all delivery options including "Order and Pick Up" option.
  • We only use Khodar & More specially designed & sealed boxes in order to ensure safety & hygiene of your order contents.