Fresh Fruits

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Economical Package1

SAR79.63 SAR65.00 / Pack

The Golden Economical Pack

SAR258.42 SAR199.00 / Pack

The Super Economical Pack

SAR167.05 SAR149.01 / Pack

Chestnut Chinese

SAR5.75 / Bag

Coscia Pears

SAR11.50 / KG*

Pears - African

SAR13.40 / KG*


SAR5.70 / KG*

Quince Imported

SAR11.50 / KG*

Apples Red American

SAR9.65 / KG*

Fuji Apple

SAR5.70 / KG*

Apples Royal Gala

SAR8.90 / KG*

Apple Evelina Italian

SAR8.65 / KG*

Apple Gold Rose

SAR8.71 / KG*

Apple Kanzi

SAR11.10 / KG*

Apple White

SAR9.86 / KG*

Apples Pink Lady

SAR9.40 / KG*

Apples Yellow

SAR9.35 / KG*


SAR6.35 / KG*

Unifrutti Banana

SAR6.10 / KG*

Banana Small Del Monte

SAR7.75 / KG*

Orange Navel - Egypt

SAR5.00 / KG*

Orange Juicy - Egyptian

SAR4.75 / KG*


SAR3.65 / KG*

Grapefruit Imported

SAR5.20 / KG*

Pomello Chinese

SAR8.90 / Pc

Mandarin Pakistani

SAR6.80 / KG*

Mandarin Australian

SAR6.10 / KG*

Mandarin Spain

SAR9.90 / KG*

Mandarin Egypt

SAR5.05 / KG*

Kiwi Large Size

SAR11.90 / KG*

Pomegranate Egypt

SAR8.54 / KG*

Nectarine Australia

SAR32.50 / KG*

Peaches Australia

SAR27.60 / KG*

Yellow Plums

SAR16.40 / KG*

Chile Red Plums

SAR13.46 / KG*

Red Plums Box

SAR12.10 / Pc

Guava - Egyptian

SAR11.95 / KG*

Mango Australian Fruits

SAR49.65 / KG*

Mango Sudan

SAR16.55 / KG*

Mango Taimur

SAR24.35 / KG*


SAR4.20 / Pc

Pineapple Del Monte

SAR9.05 / Pc

Red Grapes

SAR12.75 / KG*

Red Grapes Punnet

SAR7.56 SAR3.94 / Pack

Grapes White

SAR19.21 / KG*

Grapes Black

SAR13.65 / KG*

Black Grapes Punnet

SAR11.20 / Pack

Cherry Punnet

SAR17.05 / Pack

Cherry Lebanese Tray

SAR19.70 / Pack

San Lucar Blueberry Pack

SAR7.80 / Pack

Driscoll's Strawberry 250gm

SAR22.45 / Pack

Driscoll's Raspberry

SAR22.34 / Pack

Driscoll's Blueberry

SAR19.35 / Pack

Red Currants Imported

SAR17.15 / Pack

Driscoll's Blackberries

SAR22.80 / Pack

7 Dates Assorted

SAR90.00 / Pc

61 Item(s)

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