Meat and Poultry

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Chopped Lamb chops

SAR58.95 / Pack

Chopped "Chef Burger"

SAR23.00 / Pc

Chopped "Wagyu Burger"

SAR40.01 / Pc

Chopped ExtraLean Burger

SAR23.00 / Pc

Chopped stuffed Potato

SAR26.95 / Pack

Chopped Italian Meat Roll

SAR159.00 / Pc

Chopped lamb Awsal

SAR71.95 / Pack

Chopped Beef Strips

SAR53.95 / Pack

Chopped Beef Cubes

SAR46.95 / Pack

Chopped Minced Beef

SAR42.00 / Pack

Chopped beef escalope

SAR29.95 / Pack

Chopped Wagyu Striploin

SAR138.60 / Pc

Chopped Wagyu Tenderloin

SAR221.95 / Pack

Chopped Lebanese Sausage

SAR27.25 / Pack

Chopped Arabic Sausage

SAR27.45 / Pack

Chopped Marguez Sausage

SAR25.75 / Pack

Chopped Frankfurt sausage

SAR29.95 / Pack

Chopped German Sausage

SAR29.95 / Pack

Chopped Armenian Sausage

SAR32.00 / Pack

Chopped kofta

SAR33.95 / Pack

Lamb Loin Chops Naimy

SAR80.30 / KG*

Lamb Lion Chops Sawakni

SAR63.30 / KG*

Lamb Minced Meat Naimy

SAR85.45 / KG*

Lamb Minced Meat Sawakni

SAR69.95 / KG*

Lamb Neck Naimy

SAR66.70 / KG*

Lamb Neck Sawakni

SAR47.75 / KG*

Lamb Leg Naimy 3.0 Kg

SAR240.35 / Pc

Lamb Leg Sawakni 4.25 KG

SAR240.05 / Pc

Lamb Ribs Naimy

SAR79.35 / KG*

Lamb Ribs Sawakni

SAR63.30 / KG*

Lamb Rib Chops Naimy

SAR65.25 / KG*

Lamb Rib Chops Sawakni

SAR44.30 / KG*

Chopped chicken burger

SAR5.45 / Pc

Chopped Stuffed Mushroom

SAR42.95 / Pack

Chopped chicken nuggets

SAR23.23 / Pack

Chopped chicken escalope

SAR17.96 / Pack

Orinex Light Fluid Small

SAR12.10 / Pc

Hotgrill Barbecue Fan

SAR13.15 / Pc

Items 1 to 96 of 122 total

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